AcuHealth Acupuncture has recently introduced a new range of Perfect Potion products which includes super yummy teas as well as, Mum & Baby lotions and oils, to better serve our yummy mummies.
Over the next couple of months, we will be publishing blogs that go into more detail on each specific product  – their ingredients, reviews from staff and how these can be used in your everyday life. This is our second Blog of the series and it’s dedicated to the “Chill Out” herbal tea. This tea not only tastes great but smells divine too!
In this blog, we will outline the ingredients and how these work with your Body. We have also tried this tea so we will give out comments on the taste and smell as well! So here we go…
Spearmint – This ingredient in particular helps relieve the symptoms of motion sickness and nausea, aids in digestion, and reduces flatulence, bloating, cramping or stomach discomfort. Spearmint is also a great ingredient to relieve headache and migraine pain – Helping you and your stomach to feel less tense and irritated.
Lemon Balm – This one is actually a member of the mint family – not the lemon family as the name might suggest so therefore it’s also considered a “calming herb”. Back in the Middle Ages, this herb was used to reduce stress and anxiety, induce sleep, and improve appetite by easing the pain and discomfort of indigestion, gas, bloating and colic.
Linden Flowers – Linden flowers have been used to raise the body’s temperature to rid the body of infections and feverish colds, this rise in temperature also reduces nasal congestion and relieves throat irritation and coughing. Linden flowers also have a sedative effect which has been used to treat nervous palpitations and high blood pressure – helping you to calm down and ease any anxious tensions. This herb has also been used in lotions to ease symptoms such as itchy skin.
Passion Flowers – Passion flower was first discovered by the Spanish, in Peru during the 17th Century. The Peruvians used this herb as a sedative and it soon spread to the rest of Europe. Throughout Europe however, it was used to treat many more conditions such as restlessness, agitation, indigestion and seizures. Today, Passion Flower is mostly used to treat anxiety.
Skullcap – This herb is quite an all-rounder in terms of treating conditions which is why it’s in the Chill Out herbal blend. Some of the most important health benefits of Skullcap include its ability to reduce anxiety, soothe the nervous system, help with weight loss and assist with sleep issues. Skullcap has also been known to treat diabetes, prevent some cancers, act as an anti-inflammatory and help to balance hormones.
Stevia – Stevia is a naturally occurring, zero-calorie sweetener often used as a substitute for other processed sugars, However, this leaf has many added health benefits. In large doses, studies suggested that one of the sweet compounds in stevia helped to lower blood pressure when it was unnaturally high. Stevia also appeared to improve the function of the hormone, insulin, which helps to lower blood sugar levels – further helping people living with type 2 diabetes. In addition to this, it has also been known to lower cholesterol levels – Stevia is great for the heart and hormones!!


This tea is rich in both flavour and aroma due to the abundance of minty, calming herbs, It almost resembles toothpaste/chewing gum but in a much more tasty and appealing way! We recommend this one for a hot tea although, with the added natural sweetener, stevia, this one could definitely be pulled off as an iced tea!


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