Derived from one of the 5 elements, the wood element has 2 associated organs, the LIVER and the GALLBLADDER, here we will look into the Liver and its functions according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.
We liken the Liver to a general in the army, creating order and control, sending necessary reserves to the appropriate troops or areas. Having a healthy liver qi means we have the energy to do our daily activities. It is important to have a healthy, happy, lively, and free-flowing Liver, as it is responsible for so many vital functions in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

The Liver’s major function is that it stores blood, always regulating the volume of blood in the body. The liver sends blood to specific parts of the body, nourishing them as they need it.  This is extremely important with menstruation, if the liver is healthy and functioning properly, then normal menses occur. Many menstrual conditions can be attributed to liver disharmony.
The Liver will also send blood to muscles and sinews, during physical activity, moistening them and providing them with adequate nourishment, so they can move freely. If this function is impaired, symptoms such as spasms, muscle cramps, tremors and numbness in the body can occur.
Another major function of the liver is that it controls the smooth flow of qi, throughout the body. In TCM, we see the blockage of the flow of qi to be a disharmony in which many signs and symptoms develop. Blockages in the flow of Liver qi can also cause emotional blockages, which relate to anger, frustration, irritability, and PMS.
In TCM the eyes are associated with the liver, if the liver qi and blood are in good health, we can see clearly both physically and on a metaphysical aspect.  If the liver is in disharmony, eye problems are a common symptom.

In TCM, organs are associated with specific qualities beyond their physiological functions. The liver from a metaphysical aspect is in control of planning, the capacity to organise, have a sense of direction. Therefore, a healthy liver will also help you plan your life smoothly and effectively, (remember the smooth flow of qi/energy). Some personality traits associated with the liver in TCM are:
1. Creativity: The liver is believed to be associated with creativity and the ability to plan and make decisions effectively.
2. Assertiveness: When the liver is balanced, it is associated with assertiveness, drive, and the ability to take initiative.
3. Emotional balance: The liver is linked to emotional well-being, particularly in terms of managing anger and frustration. An imbalance in the liver may lead to feelings of irritability, anger, or depression.
4. Flexibility: The liver is associated with the Wood element, which represents growth and flexibility. A healthy liver is believed to support adaptability and the ability to go with the flow.
5. Vision: In TCM, the liver is thought to be associated with vision, both in terms of eyesight and having a clear sense of purpose or direction in life.
It’s important to note that these personality traits are based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and are not scientifically proven. They are used as a way to understand the body’s holistic balance and are part of the broader system of health and well-being in TCM.


  • Liver loves to detox, letting go of things we don’t need, making room for things that nourish us mind, body and spirit.
  • Green foods to nourish the liver, dandelion root/tea, sprouts, beans and legumes, green smoothie.
  • NO alcohol
  • Mindful to express our emotions appropriately
  • Mediation
  • EXERCISE!!!! movement of liver qi
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