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Here at AcuHealth, we see a wide variety of conditions and treat patients of all ages from babies through to men and women.

We have a major focus on women’s health, supporting women through all stages of womanhood from puberty, fertility, both natural and assisted, pregnancy, post-partum care to menopause.

Women’s Treatments

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Our blog is a full and comprehensive resource for many health ailments that we have treated. Offering general advice, insight and treatment options we aim to educate and assist those who are in need of a natural health alternative to ease their health issues. Click below to browse our topics.
Exploring the Five Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Exploring the Five Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the five elements are a fundamental framework used to understand the relationships between different aspects of the natural world, including the human body. By balancing these elements within the body, TCM aims to promote health and well-being.

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