Do you break a sweat just thinking about getting a needle?


Naturally, after experiencing blood taking, vaccinations, piercings or tattooing, you might associate needles with pain. Yet, here it is important to know that none of the needles used in mentioned practices compares to an acupuncture needle.

Let us talk about acupuncture needles and how they can provide both comfort and effectiveness.

Here at AcuHealth, we use a variety of needles with a diameter ranging between as little as 0.14-0.25mm. This is less than half the size of a typical injection needle (>0.5mm) or a quarter of the size of needle used for drawing blood (>1mm).

Our acupuncture needles come with a silicon cover which makes the insertion very smooth. We also use guide tubes that help us to insert the needle quickly through the skin level, i.e. the level that contains all your pain receptors. Therefore, our patients often say that they do not even notice the insertion.

In Chinese medicine, we are aiming for a sensation which is known as Deqi, “the arrival of Qi”. Both the practitioner and the client can sense Deqi. You might perceive it as a pulling or heaviness that is being exerted by the needle.

Are you still a bit uncertain about the needling sensation? Talk to us and we will be happy to facilitate a most relaxing and comfortable environment for you to try and find out about your tolerance.



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