Labour Newborn baby

We have created a practical acupressure handout for you and for your support person. It is useful and easy to use for labour, hopefully both encouraging and empowering. Please contact us to obtain this acupressure guide as a handy pdf or print to take with you to hospital. 

“From a medical model, these points can be viewed as promoting the release of endorphins, blocking the pain receptors to the brain, dilating the cervix, and increasing the efficiency of the contraction” (Debra Betts).

NOTE: These points are ONLY used to induce labour in the final stage of pregnancy and after clearance from your obstetrician. During pregnancy these points are forbidden to use  as they have a strong birth inducing effect. 

During Labour, different people will react differently to the application of the acupressure points. The points should have a distinct sensation to them, which can range from warm, tingling, numbness, dull ache, BUT NEVER painful. If pain occurs, assess your point location or select another point. The points can be used at any stage during labour, it has been noted that using them in the early stages has been of greater benefit for the expected mum, rather than waiting for the strong pain to commence.

It is strongly advised, that you check your point location with your acupuncturist, midwife, or other allied health practitioner, who can easily understand the anatomy and show you practically how to find these points, as each individual’s body can be very different, especially with the changes that can occur during pregnancy.


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