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Hello Spring

Posted in 'Unassigned' on September 20, 2018



Hello Spring!

As equinox is happening this Sunday, 23rd, we are officially in Spring…yay! With temperature rising we finally want to spend more time outdoors and the topic of cleansing is on many a mind! Do you need to cleanse? How do you cleanse? Let’s have a look at the Chinese medicine view on cleansing.

In Chinese medicine, a healthy digestive system is the key to overall health. You want it to work smoothly so that it produces the energy that you need for your daily active

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Conception. It takes two.

Posted in 'Women's Health, Fertility & Pregnancy, Men's Health' on September 29, 2018




Conception. It takes two!  

Chinese medicine is assisting many women around the world in their endeavour to fall pregnant. Critical factors in women are often weight management, stress levels and overall body strength. Whether a couple aims for natural conception or eventually opts for IVF, as much as it is essential for a woman to take good care of herself - before, during and of course after birth – the same importance is attributed to the lifestyle of the male pa

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