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3 Ways to Improve Treatment Outcomes and Get Well Sooner

Posted in 'All around AcuHealth' on January 8, 2017

1. Attend appointments according to your treatment plan.
Acupuncture treatment gains momentum as you keep having it, much like a snowball effect. Most acupuncturists will let you know what the plan is for treating your health problem after the second consultation. The reason it isn't done immediately after the first treatment is because it is often unclear how a patient will respond to the treatment, so the practitioner will wait to see what changes occur, and then devise a treatment pl

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Tips for Healthy Eating

Posted in 'All around AcuHealth, Healthy Eating' on January 8, 2017

Principles of healthy eating 

Although Chinese medicine dietary suggestions are very specific, there are a few basic guidelines for eating healthy, no matter what your health condition or constitutional type. 

Avoid cold or frozen foods.  

Even if you have a hot constitution or condition, eating or drinking straight from the fridge is not a wise idea.  In Chinese medicine terms, Cold can impact on the digestive system, causing it to slow down and prevent absorption, as well as reduc

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